inDRESS - Yucca feather brooch

Yucca feather brooch


inDRESS Yucca feather brooch.


Crafted in Paris by one of the last feather masters in France, this brooch is the perfect accessory to enhance your outfit. Made with ostrich feathers, adorned on the back with three hand-embossed recycled silk petals and finished in lambskin leather. Its silver clasp will allow you to position the brooch on your coats, jackets, tops, blouses or shirts. Thanks to its elastic band, you can also place it over your hair or on your wrist. Its colors are exclusive and specially made for INDRESS.

Details and fabrics
Boa Brooch Handmade in one of the last French feather masters.
90% ostrich feather, 10% recycled silk crepe.
Three silk embossed petals.
Lamb leather finish. Silver finish brooch.
An elastic band is attached to the back to wear the brooch as a bracelet or headband.
The color is exclusive and specially designed for INDRESS.
The brooch is not resistant to rain or champagne.

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